Monday, April 9, 2012

A Quarter Way Through the Year Already

Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas, and here it is April already. Outside the roses are getting ready to bloom, trees have mostly blossomed and some are showing fruit, and grasses and wildflowers are making me sneeze. Inside, I finished restoring an antique dulcimer, started restoring a very unique concert zither (circa 1930s), and I’m getting ready to restore another 1920-1925 Kumalai Ukulele.

PA German Scheitholt-combinedAs for my own work, I finished another Pennsylvania German “Scheitholt”. This is the second one I made from the plans I drew up when I restored the original 1850-1865 instrument. (See the repair log on my web site at Click on “Pennsylvania German Scheitholt” to view the PDF file.)

The first one I made was all black walnut. This one is made of poplar, like the original. The double heads depict “Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender”, who are the subjects of an old Scottish folk song. (Child ballad #73.)

I’m still working on the medieval 3-legged chair, and carving away on a new harp. These two projects are very time consuming and it seems like I’ve been working on them forever. Well, at least since before last Christmas.

Last week I finally got my new work, nearly all I made last year, professionally photographed. My photographer here in Santa Cruz is Paul Schraub, who has snapped great pictures of my work for the last 12-13 years. I’ve known Paul a lot longer, because he photographed the band I was in back in 1980 BGH (Before Grey Hair). But that’s another story. Anyway, here are some of my new photos by Paul:

Autoharp-JH Large-blogAutoharp-Model 1-blog

              Experimental Autoharp (circa 1929)                   Autoharp: Model 1

Autoharp-Model 2 3-4-blogAutoharp-Model 2 3-4-detail-blog

                           Autoharp: Model 2 3/4                     Autoharp: Model 2 3/4 (detail)

Medieval Trestle Stool2-blogRush Seat Stool 1-blog

                       Medieval Trestle Stool #2                  Medieval Rush Seat Stool #1

Rush Seat Stool 2-blogDulcimer-Molly Malone-combined

             Medieval Rush Seat Stool #2                             Dulcimer: Molly Malone

Last but not least, I set up a shop on Etsy back in January that’s been relatively successful. I’ve sold a few items, including a dulcimer, and there’s been a lot of interest in several more pieces. Take a look at

I’ll be updating my regular web site soon to include all my new work, new photos, and descriptions. Stay tuned!

Until then, Onward…

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