Thursday, April 17, 2008

Little Carvings

Folk Art is the arts and crafts produced to fulfill a function by someone who is not artistically trained. In other words, "Joe Blow" needs a ladle to dip fresh water out of his well bucket, so he carves or whittles one. Today, I needed a handle, or pull, for a new maple vanity door, so I carved one instead of wasting the gas to drive to the hardware store to get some little doodad made in China.

It's a very small, but "grabable" pull around the same size as a regular cabinet drawer or door pull. I took a small piece of maple and turned the base on my mini lathe, then carved a small woman's face for the grip. It turned out ok. I put on two coats of tung oil, polished it, then installed it. Here 'tis:

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